Help More People Reclaim Their Mental Health

Announcing the launch of ReKlame Health

January 26, 2022

Help More People Reclaim Their Mental Health

Announcing the launch of ReKlame Health

January 26, 2022

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When our mental health suffers, why is it so hard to find the care we need?

As mental health practitioners, we’ve spent a lot of time listening to our clients, colleagues, friends, and families about this issue, and we know that a lot of people are reluctant to get care for three reasons:

1. There’s a Stigma Associated with Mental Health.

Mental health remains stigmatized in many communities.  Too many people still have the misconception that they can overcome problems on their own, that getting help is a sign of weakness when in reality, it’s an incredible act of courage.

2. The Lack of Young, Culturally Diverse Mental Health Practitioners.

When it comes to psychiatric care, most providers are over 40 and Caucasian. There’s no doubt that these practitioners are well-trained and well-intentioned, but we know that people from our community need something different:

They want to work with somebody who understands the unique experiences of young adults, navigating the challenges of 21st-century life.

Or they want to connect with a clinician who can relate to experiences as a person of color living in 21st-century America.

3. Too Many People Can’t Get Access to Affordable Care.

Even if a person is open to treatment and can understand their unique experience, it doesn’t matter if they can’t afford it.  We need to be innovative and creative when providing quality care to more people.

We’ve seen these problems play out time and time and time again, but we know that we can find the right solutions with the right people.

These issues inspired us to establish ReKlame Health.

As a young, culturally diverse team of mental health practitioners, we are dedicated to helping young adults and people of color get the treatment they deserve.

We provide psychiatric care and medication management to support people dealing with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, and any other mental health concern that requires quality psychiatric treatment.

You don’t suffer in silence.  You don’t need to do this alone.

Work with a team that will meet where you are and provide the care you need.

Reclaim your clarity, control, and mental health.

Work with ReKlame Health.

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