ReKlame Health: Not Your Average Medication Management Provider

August 10, 2022

ReKlame Health: Not Your Average Medication Management Provider

August 10, 2022

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Author: Marisa Valentino

Are you struggling with your mental health because…

  • You haven’t found a provider who can relate to you?
  • You can’t find accessible care?
  • You don’t know how to deal with the high cost of treatment?

If you’re feeling this way, know that you aren’t alone, and ReKlame Health is here to help. We offer affordable and easy access to a diverse clinical team dedicated to improving your mental health. Here’s how ReKlame Health strives to provide you with exceptional treatment options;

Diverse Providers

ReKlame Health prioritizes having a diverse clinical team because it is essential in providing effective mental health care for underserved communities. Many BIPOC and young adults avoid seeking help because they cannot find an affordable clinician who they feel comfortable confiding in.

As a Black man who once struggled to receive the mental health care he needed from expensive providers and practices, ReKlame Health’s CEO, Evans Rochaste has prioritized care that is high quality and affordable. Evans founded ReKlame Health to uplift underserved communities by providing empathetic mental health care. We strive to empower people to ReKlame their Mental Health through the accessible treatment provided by our diverse team of professionals.

Telehealth Options

Our telehealth system makes it easier to receive treatment no matter your location. Studies have shown telehealth appointments have similar outcomes to in-person care. The only difference is telehealth appointments allow you to meet with a clinician from the comfort of your own home or another safe space. With ReKlame Health, you can get the care you deserve without the hassle.

Short Wait Times

According to a study from Psychiatric Services, the average wait time for an initial evaluation with a psychiatrist is 25 days. At ReKlame Health, you are able to see a clinician within 48 hours.

 Affordable Care

ReKlame Health strives to make mental healthcare affordable. We accept various insurance plans and offer competitive costs for out-of-pocket visits.

 Accepted Insurance Plans

The many insurance plans we accept are; United Healthcare Oxford, Optum, Oscar, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Aetna.

Out-of-Network Insurance

Even if you have out-of-network insurance, we can still provide the help you need. Simply contact your provider to see if you have OON benefits. Then, our client navigators will guide you through the process of making a claim.


You can use your HSA or FSA to cover the costs of treatment and medication management. This includes covering the cost of out-of-pocket payments or your insurance premiums.

Out-of-Pocket Appointments

Don’t have insurance? No problem! ReKlame Health offers competitive prices for out-of-pocket appointments. Medical management starts at $199.97 for new visits & $99.97 for follow up visits. Affordable care is our mission.

With ReKlame Health, you can work with a culturally diverse young clinical team to get the support needed to be the best version of yourself. Make an appointment with us today to ReKlame Control of your Mental Health.

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